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Day: March 23, 2021

DataStax and IBM collaborate on NoSQL database

DataStax announced a collaboration with IBM to deliver DataStax Enterprise, a scale-out NoSQL database built on the open source Apache Cassandra. DataStax Enterprise with IBM is now available to help enterprises build and manage modern data applications in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. DataStax Enterprise is an open, multi-cloud stack for modern data applications, a multi-model database incorporating transactions, search, analytics, and graph workloads all on the same platform. Building on the existing IBM Cloud Databases for DataStax product, DataStax Enterprise with IBM is designed to provide IBM customers with a hybrid cloud solution set that can be deployed on private clouds or on multiple public clouds to support applications requiring open source Apache Cassandra-based technology. DataStax Enterprise with IBM is designed to provide enterprises with:

  • The elimination of data sprawl with an operational data platform that helps enable organizations to move away from legacy systems
  • A lightning-fast data layer that can keep pace with AI and machine learning priorities
  • Extensibility to build an ideal tool and future-ready deployments
  • Global sales and support from IBM for worldwide customer deployments

ABBYY launches no-Code platform Vantage 2 and AI Marketplace

ABBYY launched Vantage 2, a low-code/no-code platform that delivers cognitive skills for RPA robots, automation systems, chatbots, and mobile solutions, enabling organizations to gain insights from documents and content. The company also launched ABBYY Marketplace, a marketplace where organizations can discover, try, and purchase reusable AI skills to accelerate their automation initiatives, while partners can build and publish skills to automate all types of content-centric processes.

ABBYY Vantage 2 lets citizen developers to have more control within intelligent automation initiatives, enabling business users to digitize operations faster without complete reliance on IT: with Vantage, they can derive insights from documents on a large scale. The re-architectured platform is built on microservices and packaged into containers orchestrated by Kubernetes. Cognigy, EXL, Kryon, Micro Focus, NICE, Pegasystems, PwC, and RoboRana are already integrating Vantage 2 with their platforms. Out-of-the-box connectors developed by ABBYY are available for Alteryx, Blue Prism, and UiPath.

The new ABBYY Marketplace provides an extensive online collection of reusable technology assets including cognitive skills for classification of documents and data extraction, ready-to-go process flows, and pre-built connectors. The Marketplace offers pre-trained skills for all types of documents like invoices, purchase orders, receipts, loan documents, insurance claims, bills of lading, and more.

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