In this issue we look at enterprise knowledge graph semantics, how to move to a distributed data mesh, a helpful case study on UX improvements, “best-of-breed” stacks, and personal data privacy, first party ads, and consumer contradictions.

A definition of “Enterprise” in EKGs

Enterprise knowledge graphs are on the rise, but terminology and even conceptual understanding is inconsistent. Dan McCreary’s article is a good place to start to organize your own thoughts before diving in…

Many people co-mingle the terms from open linked data world and the semantic web stack’s role with the concepts related to sustainability and scalability of enterprise knowledge graphs.

How to move beyond a monolithic data lake to a distributed data mesh

If you haven’t yet had a reason to develop a complete understanding of what a distributed data mesh is, or how it relates to looking at data as a product for multiple enterprise functions, there is a good chance you will before long. Some familiarity will be important for many roles beyond pure data management. This in-depth article by Zhamak Dehghani covers the why and how, and likely answers most questions you have.

Quantifying UX improvements

Nielsen Norman Group’s Kate Moran presents a case study, with before and after screen shots and metrics, illustrating how an informed information architecture can increase customer self-service and improve both customer experience and sales efficiency.

Best-of-breed stacks

Debates on the relative merits of vendor suites versus best-of-breed application solutions have been going on for decades. The data was scarce and questionable, the arguments “qualitative”, and the conclusions invariably “it depends…”.

Scott Brinker has a lot to say about today’s version of this debate with the more complicated and flexible software architecture options available. For his latest post on the topic he came up with a great way to apply some neutral data to his view that stacks are growing and increasingly best-of-breed.

Also, on personal data, privacy, ads…

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