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Day: February 11, 2021

TA Digital launches

TA Digital announced its entry into the cognitive search space with an intelligent search solution, delivers personalized search results by focusing on the users and their experience. Leveraging user data, serves users with predictive, relevant and personalized search results that cater to the highest clicks and conversions. works by connecting to both the data source and the search engine in place within the client’s existing infrastructure. It imports user data and search results then trains a Machine Learning model on them to produce better results. Once those results are ready, pushes those results back to the search engine. While can work with any data source or search engine, there is an existing out-of-the-box connectors for Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Apache Solr, Elasticsearch, Adobe Experience Manager and many others in development. The company has launched its offering with four pricing options.

ThoughtSpot and Microsoft Partner on search and AI-driven analytics

ThoughtSpot and Microsoft announced a new agreement to help Azure Synapse customers tap into their cloud data through augmented analytics. ThoughtSpot Cloud will be available on Microsoft Azure, giving customers a means to bring analytics and insights from their data in Azure Synapse Analytics and other cloud data warehouses to their entire organization through search and AI. Customers can equip anyone with the ability to analyze data, find insights, and make informed decisions. Customers can also buy ThoughtSpot through the Azure Marketplace. Highlights of the agreement include:

  • ThoughtSpot Cloud on Microsoft Azure. ThoughtSpot Cloud, the new SaaS platform for search and AI-driven analytics, will be available on Microsoft Azure. Customers will be able to leverage their data in Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Databricks and other cloud data warehouses.
  • Enhanced support for Azure Synapse Analytics. Deeper collaboration between Microsoft and ThoughtSpot will bring new support for Azure Synapse.
  • Seamless purchasing experience. Customers will be able to buy ThoughtSpot directly in the Azure Marketplace using Azure credits.
  • Product co-development. Ongoing co-development of solutions will enable joint customers to take advantage of the value of their data in Azure Synapse Analytics with ThoughtSpot.

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