is joining WPVIP, Automattic’s enterprise WordPress SaaS software division. With the acquisition, WPVIP is expanding their commitment from supporting premium WordPress-based content management to the much wider market of digital experience, across all content platforms.

For WPVIP, content management is only one part of this much wider digital experience market. In the same way that you can use Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture) without using Adobe CQ or Experience Manager (AEM), users can use our product without using WordPress or WordPress VIP. With the addition of, WPVIP now offers a way for any site or app, running any CMS (or even several CMSes), to utilize our content analytics system. As a customer, regardless of whether you’re running WordPress or not, will continue to provide active, CMS-agnostic development and support.’s open source WordPress plugin is already a popular way to deploy to websites. And we have lots of ideas for how’s dashboard and API can improve enterprise WordPress sites. has worked with media, entertainment, e-commerce, financial services, professional services, non-profits, tech, and more. We’ve sold to Fortune 100 companies, and across every continent (except Antarctica). And worked across content teams, marketing teams, product teams, and data teams with titles ranging from C-level executive to copywriter to data scientist.