Microsoft announced the addition of Hindi as the latest language under its Text Analytics service to support businesses and organizations with customer Sentiment Analysis. Text Analytics is part of the Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services. Using this service, organizations can find out what people think of their brand or topic as this enables analyzing Hindi text for clues about positive, neutral, or negative sentiment. The Text Analytics service can be used for any textual/audio input or feedback in combination with Azure Speech-to-Text service. Microsoft’s Text Analytics service uses the latest AI models to analyze content in Hindi, using Natural Language Processing (NLP) for text mining and text analysis. The functionality provided by Text Analytics include sentiment analysis, opinion mining, key phrase extraction, language detection, named entity recognition, and PII detection. Sentiment analysis currently supports more than 20 languages including Hindi.

Microsoft Text Analytics service’s Sentiment Analysis feature evaluates text and returns confidence scores between 0 and 1 for positive, neutral, and negative sentiment for each document and sentences within a document. The service also provides sentiment labels (such as “negative”, “neutral” and “positive”) based on the highest confidence score at a sentence and document-level. It can be accessed from Azure cloud and on-prem using Containers. This helps brands in detecting positive and negative tonality in customer reviews, social media & call center conversations, and forum discussions, among other channels no matter where their data resides.