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Day: September 17, 2020

Cloudera introduces analytic experiences for Cloudera Data Platform

Cloudera announced enterprise data cloud services on Cloudera Data Platform (CDP): CDP Data Engineering; CDP Operational Database; and CDP Data Visualization. The new services are analytic experiences designed specifically for data specialists and include workflow automation, job prioritization, and performance tuning to help data engineers, data analysts, and data scientists. Data lifecycle integration is what enables data engineers, data analysts and data scientists to work on the same data securely and efficiently. CDP helps to improve individual data specialist productivity and data teams work better together through its hybrid data architecture that integrates analytic experiences across the data lifecycle and across public and private clouds.

CDP Data Engineering
CDP Data Engineering is an Apache Spark service on Kubernetes and includes productivity enhancing capabilities:

  • Visual GUI-based monitoring, troubleshooting and performance tuning for faster debugging and problem resolution
  • Native Apache Airflow and robust APIs for orchestrating and automating job scheduling and delivering complex data pipelines anywhere
  • Resource isolation and centralized GUI-based job management
  • CDP data lifecycle integration and SDX security and governance

CDP Operational Database
As businesses continue to generate large volumes of structured and unstructured data, developers are tasked with building applications that democratize data access, enable actions in real-time and are integral to business operations and revenue generation. CDP Operational Database is a high-performance NoSQL database service that provides scale and performance for business critical operational applications, offering:

  • Evolutionary schema support to leverage data and allow changes to underlying data models without having to make changes to the application
  • Auto-scaling based on the workload utilization of the cluster to optimize infrastructure utilization and cost
  • Multi-modal client access with NoSQL key-value using HBase APIs and relational SQL with JDBC, making CDP Operational Database accessible to developers who are used to building applications that use MySQL, Postgres, etc.
  • CDP data lifecycle integration and SDX security and governance

CDP Data Visualization
Business users need the ability to discover and curate their own visualizations from data and predictive models in a self-service manner. CDP Data Visualization simplifies the curation of rich, visual dashboards, reports and charts to provide agile analytical insight in the language of business:

  • Technical teams can share analysis and machine learning models using drag and drop custom interactive applications.
  • Business teams and decision makers can consume data insights to make more well-informed business decisions.
  • All teams benefit from fast data exploration using AI-powered natural language search and visual recommendations.

Cloudflare partners with the Internet Archive to keep the Web always online

Cloudflare, Inc. announced that it has partnered with the Internet Archive, a nonprofit digital library that runs a digital archive of the World Wide Web called the Wayback Machine. By partnering with the Internet Archive, Cloudflare is strengthening its Always Online solution that makes sites available when their origin servers are down and keeps the Internet functioning for users globally.

Launched in 2010, Always Online is like insurance for websites. It caches a static version of websites, so, if for any reason, your web host or service provider goes down, it will kick in to keep your site online. Without it, a website risks reputation damage, a decreased user experience and even a drop in search ranking if the website’s origin goes offline, experiences a timeout, or otherwise breaks. Now, Cloudflare’s Always Online service will fetch the most recently archived version of a site from the Internet Archive, an additional safeguard, if one cannot be found in the local cache. To do this, the Internet Archive uses the same crawling infrastructure that has allowed its Wayback Machine to archive over 465 billion web pages to date. The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine has been archiving the public web since 1996 and to date, has preserved and made available more than 468 billion web pages and more than 45 petabytes of information. Cloudflare customers can upgrade to the new Always Online service with one click in the Cloudflare dashboard. This will allow the Wayback Machine to crawl and archive its website at regular intervals.,

WANdisco launches LiveData Migrator

WANdisco announced the launch of LiveData Migrator, an automated, self-service solution that democratizes cloud data migration at any scale by enabling companies to start migrating Hadoop data from on-premises to Amazon Web Services (AWS) within minutes, even while the source data sets are under active use. Available as a free trial for up to five terabytes, businesses can migrate HDFS data without the expertise of engineers or other consultants – the program can be implemented immediately to enable companies’ digital transformations. LiveData Migrator works without any production system downtime or business disruption while ensuring the migration is complete and continuous and any ongoing data changes are replicated to the target cloud environment.

LiveData Migrator delivers migrating unstructured data into cloud storage to then take advantage of machine-learning (ML) powered cloud analytics such as Amazon EMR, Databricks or Snowflake. LiveData Migrator also enables the transition to a hybrid architecture, where on-premises and cloud environments are kept consistent for active-active replication capabilities, and sets the foundation for a future multi-cloud architecture. LiveData Migrator Capabilities:

  • Complete and Continuous Data Migration
    Migrates any changes made to the source data sets, allowing applications to continue to modify the source system’s data without causing divergence between source and target.
  • Rapid Availability
    Enables data to become available for use in the target environment as soon as it has been migrated, without having to wait for all data set migrations to complete.
  • Any Scale
    Migrates any volume of data, from terabytes to exabytes, to cloud storage without needing to stop changes to data at source during migration
  • Hadoop & Object Storage Conversion
    Migrates HDFS data to other Hadoop-compatible file systems and cloud storage, including the ongoing changes made to those data before, throughout and after migration.
  • Selective Migration
    Allows selection of which data sets should be migrated and selectively excludes data from migration to specific clusters in the new environment.

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