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Day: July 2, 2020

SolidCAD announces partnership with SimpleCloud AECM

Canadian technology and professional services company, SolidCAD, announced a partnership with SimpleCloud, provider of SimpleCloud AECM, a cloud-based platform for digital content management and creation to business professionals. The solution provides customers with a fully integrated environment of virtual desks, allowing any user to be connected from anywhere, through any device, ensuring access at any time. SimpleCloud provides dedicated applications for high GPU needs for customers specifically in the Architecture, Construction, Engineering and Manufacturing (AECM) industry.

SimpleCloud offers two types of platforms, a Public Cloud, which creates friendly collaborative environment that allows users to get access to virtual high graphics performance workstations with on-demand specifications, and a Hybrid Cloud option, which meets the needs of companies that already have their own infrastructure but need to extend it by giving access to workers who have geographically dispersed. SimpleCloud has over 60 data centers around the world, and provides services and coverage to the United States, Canada, Mexico, all of Europe, Japan, South Korean and Taiwan. SolidCAD and SimpleCloud will be working together to provide consulting, implementation and support services to Canadian firms.‎,

Nuxeo unveils low-code user interface to open AI to business users

Nuxeo announced a new, low-code user interface (UI) for Nuxeo Insight, its artificial intelligence (AI) service that enables companies to use their own data and content to train custom machine learning (ML) models. The new interface allows business users to easily create, train, deploy and administer personalised machine learning models. The interface offers a guided point-and-click experience, and users can also deploy and administer these models in production use cases. Nuxeo’s new user experience walks users through the step-by-step process of training and deploying customer machine learning models:

  • Select the various values and data types they want the new model to populate
  • Apply different parameters for predictions
  • Select the appropriate content and data for successful model training
  • Perform any necessary renditions or transformations

Nuxeo Insight’s new UI includes a dashboard that provides real-time updates on the training process and outcomes. It also enables organisations to administer their custom ML models, allowing them to quickly promote new models into production and to actively monitor the performance of their models over time. With the new UI, users can compare the performance of different ML models or different versions of the same model. The overall goal is to provide an intuitive, easy-to-use environment that enables Nuxeo customers to continuously improve the performance of their ML models.

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