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Day: June 24, 2020

Databricks introduces Delta Engine and acquires Redash

Databricks announced the availability of Delta Engine and the acquisition of Redash. These new capabilities make it faster and easier for data teams to use its Unified Data Analytics platform for data science, machine learning, and a broad range of data analytics use cases. Delta Engine is a high-performance query engine on cloud data lakes and Redash is an open-source dashboarding and visualization service for data scientists and analysts to do data exploration.

Delta Engine is tailored for use with Delta Lake, the open-source structured transaction layer for data lakes. Organizations can now build curated data lakes that include structured and semi-structured data and run all their analytics on high quality, fresh data in the cloud. Databricks acquired Redash, the company behind the successful Redash open source project, to provide easy-to-use dashboarding and visualization capabilities on these curated data lakes. With Redash, data scientists and SQL analysts can eliminate the complexity of moving data into other systems for analysis.

The open source Redash project was created to help data teams make sense of their data. Data scientists and SQL analysts can easily gather a wide variety of data sources, including operational databases, data lakes, and Delta Lake, into thematic dashboards. The results can be visualized in a wide variety of formats like charts, cohorts, and funnels, and are easily shareable across an organization or with external users. Redash can be used with Databricks today using a free connector, and Redash will be fully integrated into Databricks’ Unified Data Analytics Platform and the Databricks workspace in the coming months and take advantage of capabilities like Delta Engine.

iManage Delivers AI and Knowledge Management to Document Management Users

iManage announced the availability of iManage RAVN Knowledge Unlocked. With Knowledge Unlocked, iManage has productized Knowledge Management and RAVN AI, making them accessible to a broader market through packaged solutions that are easy to deploy and use, and integrated with their document and email management product, iManage Work 10. iManage enables law firms, legal departments, and professional services organizations of any size to use AI with Work 10 plug-ins that minimize the need for dedicated Knowledge Management (KM) staff, AI expertise, or outside services. IT-implemented and user-driven, Knowledge Unlocked enables knowledge workers to capture and reuse important data locked in data repositories, mine best practices, and identify knowledge and experts across their organizations to get to the information they need, when they need it.

Knowledge Unlocked brings together various KM and AI capabilities – including classification, search, and machine learning – in an integrated package, taking what would previously have been individual products and combining them to solve specific KM problems with greater efficiency. The solution extends the document retrieval-oriented search of Work 10 to knowledge search that enables organizations to surface relevant matters, clauses, people or expertise that could be of value to the user.

Knowledge Unlocked is available in three editions – Essentials, Professional, and Enterprise – each with an increasing level of capability and sophistication. The tiers have been designed so that organizations don’t have to go through expensive system replacement to get to the next level in AI – they can continue to build upon Knowledge Unlocked.

MariaDB releases MariaDB Community Server 10.5

MariaDB Corporation announced the general availability of MariaDB Community Server 10.5, a major release that brings high-performance analytics to the open source database. In a push to mainstream analytics and to make it as popular as MariaDB’s transactional engine, the company added a new, native columnar storage engine to the community database server and a new, native MariaDB Python Connector and Microsoft Power BI integration. All new analytical capabilities in MariaDB Community Server 10.5 are available for free with unrestricted use to broaden adoption of hybrid transactional and analytical processing, and modern analytical approaches.

MariaDB Server is compatible with the widely used MySQL database protocol and therefore supports native integrations with BI and data analysis tools and frameworks. This compatibility also enables access to data in any MariaDB storage engine, including ColumnStore. In addition, MariaDB released two new, native connectors to make data analysis with MariaDB easier and faster. MariaDB Community Server 10.5 including ColumnStore is available immediately for free direct download on the MariaDB website now and through Docker Hub by the end of June. MariaDB Connector/Python and MariaDB Power BI adapter can be downloaded from For customers interested in MariaDB for demanding production environments with built-in high availability and massively parallel processing (MPP), please contact MariaDB for early access to MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.5.

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