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Day: May 27, 2020

Lucidworks announces advanced linguistics package

Lucidworks announced the Advanced Linguistics Package for Lucidworks Fusion to power personalized search for users in Asian, European, and Middle Eastern markets. Lucidworks now embeds text analytics from Basis Technology, provider of AI for natural language processing. According to the companies, building, testing, and maintaining the many algorithms and models required to properly support each language is challenging and expensive. Asian, Middle Eastern, and certain European languages require additional processes to handle unique linguistic phenomena, such as lack of whitespace, compound words, and multiple forms of the same word. The combination of Basis with the AI-powered search platform of Lucidworks Fusion is expected to provide accuracy and performance enhancements in information retrieval for the digital experience. Lucidworks’ Advanced Linguistics Package provides language processing in more than 30 languages and advanced entity extraction in 21 languages. By accurately analyzing the text, in the language it was written, Rosette helps the Lucidworks Fusion platform deliver the right answers to every user, regardless of where they work or what language they use.


Netlify announced general availability of Netlify Build Plugins

Netlify, creator of the Jamstack web architecture, announced the general availability of Netlify Build Plugins — tools to easily customize and automate CI/CD workflows for Jamstack websites and web applications. Development teams can choose from a catalog of integrations created by developers at Netlify and in the community that can be installed directly from the Netlify UI. They also have the flexibility to build their own plugins using a straightforward API. New capabilities enabled by Build Plugins include the ability to run an end-to-end Cypress test, audit for accessibility with Pa11y, and more. Previously, developers had to set up changes or integrations to the build process from scratch, configuring every command to run at build, downloading and validating every dependency, and writing the code to make it all work. Now any developer can simply choose an available Build Plugin, click “install” from the Netlify UI, and then select sites where the plugin should be enabled. Build Plugins are available for free to use with every Netlify plan.

Syncro Soft updates Oxygen XML suite

Syncro Soft announced the availability of version 22.1 of its XML editing suite of products, Oxygen XML Editor, Author, Developer, Web Author, WebHelp, PDF Chemistry, and the Oxygen Publishing Engine. Oxygen Feedback, the new comments management platform was also updated to version 1.2.

New features and improvements added in Oxygen XML Editor/Author/Developer version 22.1 include: improvements for DITA authoring, customization options and change bars for CSS-based DITA to PDF publishing, enhanced JSON and HTML editing support, the ability to copy content from Author mode and paste it in HTML-aware tools while preserving the styling, the availability of the visual file comparison tool in the Eclipse plugin distributions, better search and replace functionality, API additions, and component updates.

Oxygen XML Web Author includes a new Outline pane to navigate through the document, to provide insight about the location of modifications, hierarchical dependencies between elements, and to visualize the XML structure. It is available by default for DocBook, TEI, and XHTML documents, but it is also possible to configure other frameworks (such as DITA).

Oxygen PDF Chemistry provides new possibilities for the CSS Paged Media processor that allows for PDF output from HTML or XML documents simply by styling them with CSS.

Oxygen Feedback includes a new Dashboard page in the administration interface that aggregates information and statistics for all site configurations, and provides an activity stream to see the most recent activity by your community.

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