Thank you all for the Gilbane Conference speaker proposals. We received a record number this year even with a condensed timeframe for submissions. We also have a larger percentage of high quality proposals, fewer blatant sales pitches, and a greater percentage of proposals from women (Hmmm… correlation or causation?). We are now busy evaluating, organizing, and mapping proposals to the topic areas our audience needs to hear the most about.

If you have submitted a proposal it will be a couple of more weeks before most of you are notified.

Miss the deadline?

For all of you who missed the deadline for speaking proposals for this year’s conference, our policy is that we always accept proposals – in fact we accept them all year long if you use our  submission form – however, proposals received after the deadline for each conference miss the first review by the program committee and some of the early decisions. If we have two good proposals on the same topic the on-time proposal gets preference. Also, decisions are largely made on a rolling basis once the deadline passes, so if you have missed the deadline it is still a good idea to submit as soon as possible.

If there is a particular topic we need more proposals for we will post about it on this blog, so stay tuned.