Vook announced the creation of MotherVook 1.0, a technology tool to provide a streamlined system for creating multi-media e-books, as well as an exclusive partnership with online video marketing services company, TurnHere. Vook‘s publishing tool and increased video capacity through its partnership with TurnHere should give it better capability to meet the production needs of the digital publishing industry and produce many new titles in the coming year. An obstacle to this point in producing a multimedia ebook has been finding an effective system to assist in creating these new content mediums. The MotherVook 1.0 tool addresses this need by providing a system that can scale to production needs for multi-media e-books from multiple publishers and partners. Vook‘s partnership with TurnHere will provide the company with a significant video capacity, which they view as a key element to the multi-media e-book experience. TurnHere’s network of more than 12,000 professional filmmakers across more than 70 countries produces online video content for companies. Feature highlights of the MotherVook 1.0 tool include: Central database management of all of the multi-media elements in a multimedia ebook including the text, jacket, e-commerce, pricing, video, links and images; Production of single XML doc that feeds across different devices and auto-formats; Streamlined text (epub) or word importing; Instant preview with partners, publishers, filmmakers and authors; Simple insert of assets to edit, preview and create vook to the web version, iphone and other devices; and the capacity to create multiple titles for the web version and preview mode. http://vook.com/