Ephox announced it has acquired the WebRadar product line from Web Presence Architects, a web strategy consulting firm. With WebRadar, Ephox has a web content intelligence system that provides content administrators and project managers with a way to proactively monitor and manage their existing WCM solutions. The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. WebRadar helps web content administrators and project managers identify, fix, and monitor problems with WCM content and processes. For example, WebRadar can determine where the bottlenecks are in a particular process, which pages are expiring within a set timeframe, which content authors are actively using the system, and which pages are assigned to specific team members. Reports can be easily produced to analyze workflow processes, content items, and content author adoption of the WCM. Charts provide at-a-glance insights into WCM processes. The WebRadar product line will be integrated into Ephox’s suite of solutions over the course of Q1, 2010. http://www.webradarwcm.com, http://www.ephox.com