Yooba Ltd announced the full commercial availability of its online Flash creation and management system, Yooba. Yooba is a content management system (CMS) specially designed for Flash website content creation. As with CMSs for static content, Yooba puts full creative power over Flash, right down to the object level, but without the need for programming skills, into the hands of editors and others responsible for site content origination and maintenance. As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application, there are no licensing issues with Yooba and users are always working with the latest version. The SaaS structure also gives full scalability on pricing, to suit anyone from individual professionals to enterprise companies. Once content is created, Yooba simplifies the scheduling and publication of created and edited material. This is carried out through Yooba’s graphical admin dashboard, which gives users total control of Flash objects within a website at a glance, making it easy to update and change them as frequently as information and sales campaigns require. http://www.yooba.com/