Percussion Software announced the release of CM System 6.7. This release provides partners, enterprises, institutions and organizations the ability to package and deploy the CM System capabilities they create. Percussion’s packaging tool also offers an upgrade capability. Percussion CM System 6.7 helps organizations keep pace with changes by making it possible to encapsulate custom CMS application functionality into modular, upgradeable packages, which can be configured and reused standalone or in concert with other packages, allowing a building-block approach to the web content management system. When unanticipated needs arise, packages can be updated and re-deployed to extend the life of the development investment by allowing multiple, iterative changes to existing components. Percussion plans to sponsor an open exchange whereby customers and partners can swap, sell or buy application packages. The exchange leverages the open source model by bringing together the unbridled thinking of the Percussion community and the of the Percussion CM System. CM System 6.7 is available for immediate delivery.