Inventive Designers is introducing a new security solution for verifying digitally signed and printed documents. The software is called IntelliStamp and is available now. IntelliStamp has been developed to fill the gaps in the digital chain. Many people print out digital documents for their own records at home and then delete them from their PCs, without realising that by doing so they are losing the authenticity of those documents. Official organisations (companies, banks and government bodies) are also still printing and sending a large number of documents by post, although previously this was merely a way of remaining fully compliant with the legal framework. Here, IntelliStamp can function as an extension of the digital signature. IntelliStamp allows end users to print out the document themselves, without losing its legality. This saves companies money on printing and postage. IntelliStamp creates a bridge between digital and paper documents. The application ‘reads’ a digital document and creates an encrypted visual stamp, based on the content of the document and a digital certificate. The visual key is visible in printed form as one or several 2-D barcodes and can be easily scanned in order to verify the authenticity and origin of the document.