Zoho has announced access and usability enhancements for mobile users of its suite of productivity applications. Until now, Zoho offered mobile access to only a few applications and did not do so in a consistent manner. Each application had a unique mobile access URL and interface. With today’s announcement, all mobile-enabled Zoho applications may be accessed at one location, http://m.zoho.com, and they share a common look and feel.

The following applications are currently available at Zoho Mobile:

  • Zoho Mail
  • Zoho Calendar
  • Zoho Writer
  • Zoho Sheet
  • Zoho Show
  • Zoho Creator

Zoho also announced support for additional mobile platforms.  Previously, its mobile applications were available only on the iPhone and Windows Mobile, with limited functionality on the latter. Zoho Mobile is now available for:

  • iPhone
  • Windows Mobile
  • Blackberry
  • Symbian
  • Android

Palm access is anticipated in a future release.

The text of Zoho’s announcement may be found on the company’s blog.