Nstein Technologies Inc. (TSX-V:EIN) announced the launch of WCM 4.1, an upgrade to its content management system (CMS). Most notable among the additions is WCM MojoTM, a portable, mobile back-office version of WCM designed to help smart-phone equipped writers, journalists and editors to create, edit and publish content in the field. WCM 4.1 features an extensible drag-and-drop-enabled customizable dashboard that allows users to develop their own layouts from a pre-configured widget library. Other features in WCM 4.1 include: support for WordPress and other blogs, support for Forums using the vBulletin plugin, a crawling sitemap generator, and a Google keyword helper for editors. WCM 4.1 has adopted the RESTful architectural style. Nstein’s new mobile content management tool, WCM Mojo, is an optional, lightweight add-on client that connects seamlessly to WCM via newer smart phone browsers, allowing writers, journalists and editors to create and edit stories, slideshows, manage contributions and follow editorial and behavioral statistics in real-time. It also allows editors to execute repetitive editorial tasks such as content approvals and content bundling while in transit. http://www.nstein.com