About a month ago, Frank Gilbane posted on Gilbane Group’s use of Twitter. His post lists the Twitter accounts Gilbane Group has established and how we intend to use them. The blog entry also lists some of the Gilbane Group analysts that are active on Twitter and includes their usernames.

We would like to expand on the earlier post by communicating a policy point relevant to the social networking sites on which Gilbane Group currently maintains a profile (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) and any other social networking site that we may join in the future. First, a brief related aside.

Every organization should establish a social collaboration policy and communicate it — many times over several channels — to all who use enterprise social software provided by the organization. The policy statement should describe expected and unacceptable behaviors related to enterprise social software use. It should include any potential rewards that individual users may accrue by using the software and all consequences of potential misuse. Ideally, the policy statement will also describe the governance structure put in place to monitor and guide usage of the tools. Excellent examples of corporate social collaboration policy statements include those of IBM and Intel.

Right! Back to Gilbane Group’s social software policy specifically. We want you to benefit from our active participation in social networks like Twitter just as much as we want to learn from you. Therefore, you should be aware that:

Gilbane Group will follow all individuals and organizations that have chosen to follow us on Twitter. Additionally, we will encourage our analysts to keep the same practice with their individual Twitter accounts.

Simply put, you follow us on Twitter and we’ll return the courtesy (unless your account is clearly a spambot or inappropriate.) Social networking is all about conversations, and all conversations include two or more active participants, by definition. We can learn as much or more from you as you will from us. So Gilbane Group and its analysts will engage with whomever enters into a social relationship with us.

Below is a list of current Gilbane Group Twitter accounts, including those of individual Gilbane analysts. Please follow any of these that you would like to and expect us to return the favor. Thank you!


Twitter Name Description
@gilbane Gilbane Group’s corporate account
@NewsShark Information and content technology industry news reported by Gilbane Group
@gilbanesf Information and dialog related to our Gilbane Conference San Francisco (next event is June 2-4, 2009)
@fgilbane Frank Gilbane, President & CEO
@marylaplante Mary Laplante, VP Client Services & Senior Analyst
@billtrippe Bill Trippe, Lead Analyst, XML Technologies and Content Strategies
@lwmtech Lynda Moulton, Lead Analyst, Enterprise Search
@spaxhia Steve Paxhia, Lead Analyst, Publishing Strategy and Technology
@lehawes Larry Hawes, Lead Analyst, Collaboration and Enterprise Social Software
@Lciarlone Leonor Ciarlone, Senior Analyst, Globalization
@dwaldt Dale Waldt, Senior Consultant, XML, Publishing, Content Management
@nealhannon Neal Hannon, Senior Consultant, XBRL Strategies