The Asbru Web Content Management system v7.0 for .NET, PHP and JSP/Java has been released. This version includes: functionality to check the server settings required/used by the web content management system. As default the initial server system check checks for required configuration files and folders and file create/write permissions. Additional and custom system check scripts can be added to check/report on any additional server settings that may be of interest to users in general and for specific local setups; Adds functionality to automatically analyse your existing website files (HTML files, Dreamweaver templates, images and other files) and import them into the web content management system for migration from an existing “static” HTML file-based to an Asbru Web Content Management system managed website. Dreamweaver templates are identified and converted to templates in the web content management system, and defined “editable regions” are identified and converted to content classes/elements in the web content management system; Adds functionality to define your own custom website settings and special codes to use these settings on your website pages and templates as well as in your website style sheets and scripts; Added “content format” functionality for simple text content items and for exact control over HTML code details for special requirements; Added support for multiple style sheets per page and template; and, added selective database backup and export of specific types of website data.