Systems Alliance, Inc. announced the release of Enhancement Pack 4, a software update for the company’s SiteExecutive 4.1 Web content management application. With Enhancement Pack 4, Systems Alliance introduces the SiteExecutive Application Framework, a new mechanism for developing dynamic Web content, along with a blog application, automatic spam reduction capabilities and other improvements. The new Application Framework provides an alternative custom development option for modeling, managing and delivering dynamic or structured content. Content created with the Application Framework can take the form of a Web page, XML feed or virtually any other MIME type. And, the SiteExecutive Application Framework produces search-engine friendly content with human-readable URLs, as well as content-specific browser titles and meta tags.

The Blog Application is the first SiteExecutive component developed using the new Application Framework. It enables the provisioning and management of one or many individual blogs, and offers an easy-to-use interface for managing blog posts and comments.

Other SiteExecutive blog features include: Scheduling posts for advanced publishing, Generating or consuming RSS feeds, Notification and comment approval workflow, Captcha to eliminate robot-generated comments, Keyword and calendar views, and Viewlets for displaying blog content on other SiteExecutive pages or templates.

Enhancement Pack 4 includes a built-in Spam reduction feature which automatically recognizes and rejects robot-generated submissions, saving site owners from the time-wasting task of sorting through junk form submissions.