Alfresco Software Inc. announced an OEM partnership with, the provider of open source solutions for online learning management, record keeping and learning object storage to corporate, academic and governmental clients. The partnership will deliver solutions to allow learning organizations using Moodle’s open source course management system (CMS) to access Alfresco’s open source ECM repository to support content development and reuse. Remote-Learner’s Enterprise Learning Intelligence Suite for Moodle (ELIS) will be made available on February 12, 2009, allowing users to store and retrieve resources from within Moodle and Alfresco. This solution will enable learning organizations and existing Moodle users to access the back-end content repository services of Alfresco Enterprise, helping to ensure security, compliance, and auditability. Users will be able to more effectively manage, preview and track increasing volumes of content and digital assets on Moodle sites using Alfresco Enterprise. Alfresco Enterprise hosted or download trials are available at,