Day Software (SWX:DAYN) (OTCQX:DYIHY) announced general availability of CQ5.1, unveiling major transformations to the company’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform and Web Content Management (WCM) application. CQ5.1 provides an ECM platform that enables CMOs and CIOs to leverage the Web for global marketing and corporate growth initiatives. For Marketing, the product provides point-and-click for designing and publishing dynamic, interactive, Web 2.0 websites. For IT, it provides point-and-click ease for configuring and managing a content computing cloud, scalable for hosting any number of Web sites or content applications. Day’s CQ5.1 combines a suite of business applications for WCM, Digital Asset Management (DAM), and Social Collaboration built atop Day CRX, a modular content repository based on a commercial implementation of the Apache Jackrabbit and Sling open source projects. CQ5.1 adds new capabilities for content analytics, content targeting, social tagging and social search. Coupled with a new business process management (BPM) engine and upgraded virtual repository for publishing content from legacy silos like Microsoft Sharepoint, CQ5.1 is a complete platform for interactive marketing. Day CQ5.1 is available immediately. See Day at Gilbane BostonWestin Copley Hotel, December 3-4 2008.