MuleSource announced a collaboration with Intel Corporation to deliver a new offering that provides off-the-shelf integration between Mule and the Intel XML Software Suite. Called Mule Xpack for Intel XML Software Suite – the new offering is a set of instructions and Mule extensions that help to improve XML processing performance for SOA deployments. Taking a new approach to accelerating XML traffic, MuleSource teamed with Intel in a collaboration to bring the Intel XML Software Suite to the Mule ESB, enhancing and offloading XML processing. The Mule Xpack provides Mule integration support for the Intel XML Software Suite, which can be used to support three categories of XML operations: XML Parsing – reads XML documents and makes the data available for manipulation and processing to applications and programming languages; XSLT Transformation – facilitates efficient XML transformations in a variety of formats and can be applied to a full range of XML documents; XPath Evaluations – evaluates an XML Path (XPath) expression over an XML document DOM tree or a derived instance of source and returns a node, node set, string, number or Boolean value. Intel XML Software Suite is a software library providing APIs for C++ and Java on Linux and Windows operating systems, delivering performance for XML processing on industry standard servers and application environments. Designed to take advantage of the Intel Core microarchitecture, Intel XML Software Suite provides thread safe and efficient memory utilization, scalable stream-to-stream processing, and large XML file processing capabilities.