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More XBRL News

  • XBRL International has announced their next conference, to be held this May in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. I wonder if they need a really smart XML analyst as a guest speaker. Actually, they are more than all set, as their keynote speakers include Christopher Cox, Chairman of the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission, Gerrit Zalm, Chairman of the International. Accounting Standards Board Trustees, and Eddy Wymeersch, Chair of the Committee of European Securities Regulators. I believe that is what you call a critical mass.
  • In a related note, the SEC is moving apace with their Financial Explorer website we mentioned recently. Software engineers can now download the source code for Financial Explorer tools launched February 15. The source code download is available for free on the SEC Web site. I took a quick look at the zip file. It’s ASP Classic JScript on the server side and client side Javascript. They list the dependencies as IIS 6.0, .NET 2.0, Javascript 1.5, and ASP Classic JScript 5.6.

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    Speaking of XBRL, there is a new site for discussions about XBRL and professional networking among interested members of the group. Here is the site:

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