• I was researching something yesterday and ran a search for DITA and decided, heck, we have some good resources here.
  • Danielle Guinebertiere writes to tell us that the 2008 Mark Logic user conference will be held June 10-13 at the Intercontinental Hotel in San Francisco.
  • Ditto Ektron CEO Bill Rogers, who alerted us to the call for papers for their 2008 user conference.
  • AIIM is almost upon us. One of the things I’ll be checking out is the XPS showcase.
  • Speaking of AIIM, I will be speaking as part of a post-AIIM webinar March 12 on dynamic documents.
  • D-Day for Microsoft Office at ISO?
  • Interesting article over at DevX about using PHP to create dynamic SVG. Always warms my heart to see new energy behind SVG!