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Day: January 9, 2008

Microsoft and FAST

Yesterday was obviously a big day in the enterprise search space. “Enterprise search”, as opposed to web search news, doesn’t usually make the New York Times, Wall Street Journal Boston Globe etc. We (especially Lynda!) spent a lot of time yesterday just dealing with all the inquiries. Lynda posted her initial thoughts before the analyst call yesterday, as did Steve Arnold. Both will certainly have more to say. In addition to their blogging keep an eye out for the two reports we’ll be publishing this Spring: Enterprise Search Markets and Applications: Capitalizing on Emerging Demand, by Lynda Moulton, and Beyond Search: What to do When You’re Enterprise Search System Doesn’t Work, by Steve Arnold.

SiberSafe Hosted XML CMS Service Now Available On-Demand

SiberLogic announced SiberSafe On-Demand, a monthly subscription approach to XML content management for technical documentation teams who are looking for significant efficiency gains in producing long-lived, complex, evolving content. SiberSafe On-Demand delivers full SiberSafe functionality as an ASP service in a secure data center. Each team has full access/administrative rights to their server for system administration and configuration. SiberSafe On-Demand also includes daily content backups and SiberLogic’s technical support service. SiberSafe On-Demand “out of the box” configuration offers your choice of DTD – DITA, DocBook, or MIL-STD 2361 – with sample templates and stylesheets. Also included are SiberSafe Communicator (our XML authoring tool) and our integrated publishing tool. Alternatively, you can continue to use your own editor, such as XMetaL, Epic, or FrameMaker, or your own publishing tools. SiberSafe On-Demand costs only $799 per month for the first pair of users (one author and one reviewer) and as little as $275 per user monthly for 10+ users. There are no additional upfront costs. Anyone who signs up for SiberSafe On-Demand before the end of January 2008 will receive access for one additional author free of charge for the first year.

NetXposure 5 Now Available

NetXposure, Inc. announced the availability of NETXPOSURE 5, a new enterprise digital asset management (DAM) system that combines the flexibility of the Web with the responsiveness of the desktop. Re-architected as a rich Internet application utilizing Adobe AIR and Adobe Flex technologies, NETXPOSURE 5 delivers a user experience that runs identically in all major browsers and operating systems. It also provides real-time, seamless interactivity with digital assets from virtually any application, including built-in integration with Adobe Creative Suite 3. NETXPOSURE 5 helps streamline the creation, management and delivery of marketing assets and brand imagery. New features and capabilities include: Adobe Flex-powered user interface including cascading pull-down menus, slider resizing capabilities, and the ability to visually sort thousands of files; Automatic offline synching capabilities enabled by Adobe AIR, including the ability to drag-and-drop between the DAM repository and desktop applications and bulk upload- and download capabilities; Adobe Creative Suite 3 Connector, an add-on module that transparently links the DAM repository and Creative Suite 3, allowing users to access and interact with NetXposure from within their production applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and others; New support for Digital Negative (DNG) specification; and Enhanced support capabilities for the latest Macintosh, Windows and Linux operating systems. NETXPOSURE 5 is available now.

SpringCM Delivers Newest Version of Its On-Demand Document Management & Workflow Solution

SpringCM announced the availability of SpringCM 4.1, the newest version of the company’s document management and workflow software as a service. This new version includes major updates in search, advanced view and markup, preview mode and electronic signatures. SpringCM’s Electronic Signature feature enables documents to be signed electronically, even by people who are not SpringCM licensees. Documents may be sent for electronic signature with a single click in SpringCM the recipient receives an e-mail containing a link to the document and the steps required to complete the electronic signature. SpringCM now supports CAD, MS Project, Microstation and 85 other drawing, document and imaging formats. Advanced View and Markup expedites the review and comment cycles by extending the annotation capabilities of SpringCM beyond hand-editing printed copies or the “sticky notes” annotation, already available within the system. Areas of concern can be circled, or marked with a variety of “stamps” (like directional arrows and names) and highlight points that need further development. SpringCM’s Document Preview features have been upgraded to better serve collaboration and indexing needs. Lock Zoom enables the user to focus on a fixed area of a document as pages are scrolled. To allow for more horizontal workspace, the left and right panes are now collapsible. The Information Panel buttons are wired with hot keys to further expedite indexing. New collapsible and expandable menu options display only the Advanced Search options that are relevant to specific business needs. SpringCM retains the Advanced Search display options after every modification. Basic, Personal and Account views are provided to introduce a new level of configuration to the Search menu. A selection process is used to include and exclude specific attribute groups in search results.

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