… to great fanfare (The Future of Reading no less!) and great derision (a “fugly hot mess”). At least one Wall Street analyst liked it, the stock is rising (up $2.64, or 3.33% at this writing), and CEO Bezos says that the Kindle sold out its existing units in 5.5 hours, though I can’t find how many that actually means.
I mentioned on my own blog a couple of features I found intriguing–the low price point for bestsellers, and the seeming ease of use for downloading new content over a built-in wireless network. Some of the negative comments I have read so far concern Kindle’s capabilities for non-book content such as blogs. As soon as you start to think of interactivity, a single-purpose device starts to look less attractive, a point we made, well, ages ago, when people first got all excited about dedicated eBook readers.