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Day: November 20, 2007

Amazon Debuts Kindle…

… to great fanfare (The Future of Reading no less!) and great derision (a “fugly hot mess”). At least one Wall Street analyst liked it, the stock is rising (up $2.64, or 3.33% at this writing), and CEO Bezos says that the Kindle sold out its existing units in 5.5 hours, though I can’t find how many that actually means.
I mentioned on my own blog a couple of features I found intriguing–the low price point for bestsellers, and the seeming ease of use for downloading new content over a built-in wireless network. Some of the negative comments I have read so far concern Kindle’s capabilities for non-book content such as blogs. As soon as you start to think of interactivity, a single-purpose device starts to look less attractive, a point we made, well, ages ago, when people first got all excited about dedicated eBook readers.

Lionbridge Launches CMS Alliance Program with Top Tier Content Management Partners

Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: LIOX) announced the formation of the Content Management System (CMS) Alliance Program, an ecosystem of CMS providers and system integrators who are committed to simplifying global content management and publishing. Combining the expertise of all participants, Lionbridge is using Web Services to connect Freeway, Lionbridge’s free, hosted translation management platform, to leading CMS platforms, helping companies greatly improve processes and lower the costs of global content management. In forming the CMS Alliance Program, Lionbridge has established alliances and connections with an initial group of leading CMS providers, including Ektron, CrownPeak, Interwoven, Acumium, and Vasont, with an open invitation for additional systems providers to join the program. In addition, key system integrators, including, Klish Group, Armedia, and iSITE Design, have lent their support in providing a simple Web Services solution for customers to globalize their content. “A major challenge for organizations today is the integration of the people, processes, and technologies within the global content lifecycle,” said Leonor Ciarlone, Globalization Practice Lead Analyst, The Gilbane Group. “Lionbridge’s work with a number of integrators and CMS providers addresses this challenge by focusing on integrated content and translation management as an enabler of automation and decreased time-to-market. Providing a SaaS delivery model with Web services-based connectivity enhances the focus through a centralized, yet flexible approach for real-time collaboration.” In formalizing the CMS Alliance Program, Lionbridge is offering customers a new way of distributing their content on a global scale, with several benefits over more traditional methods including improved workflow for content managers, seamless connection to automate processes, and no need for additional technology purchases (Freeway is a Software as a Service platform delivered free to Lionbridge customers.)


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