Language Weaver, a software company developing enterprise software for the automated translation of human languages, and across Systems GmbH, a spin-off of Nero AG, Germany, have signed a co-marketing and technology integration agreement. The across Language Server is a collaborative business solution for all language resources and translation processes, including a translation memory and terminology system as well as tools for project and workflow management. Using across Language Server, product managers, translators and proofreaders all work together within one system, either in-house or integrated with translation service providers. across will provide an interface for the Language Weaver integration, allowing its customers to opt for Language Weaver automated translation modules. The alliance expands Language Weaver’s presence in the international enterprise and translation services markets and adds statistical translation capabilities to across Systems functionality. across serves as a central platform for all language resources and translation processes, providing open interfaces to complementary products. The integration covers all of Language Weaver’s translation modules.,