Atex has taken the next step towards offering new and complementary delivery means for media content by partnering with Ektron, Inc. of Nashua, New Hampshire, to offer its CMS400.NET system for use in the media industry. The CMS400.NET system is integrated with Atex’s Editorial Content Management systems to allow flow of information to the Web site and from the Web site into the print publication system. Editors and content managers are able to make use of multiple publication delivery means, using print, online, e-mail, SMS messaging, vidcasts and podcasts. The Atex integration of CMS400.NET utilizes Web services to allow content, which could exist in many formats, text, audio, video, flash or images, to move easily between the two systems, along with its associated metadata. This provides a way to make the most of not only article and image content for the Web, but also to utilize online data, such as blog posts, comments, form data and poll data in the print system.,