IBM just launched a very interesting suite of enterprise search products. I have yet to try it or examine the specifications but the marketing message is the right one for the small and medium business enterprise buyer. What I like in the message:

  • Pricing ranges from free to reasonable to ? (sky is probably the limit).
  • Deployment is simple, intuitive and clean.
  • IBM knows that simple and easy is the right call for IT but also the way to keep costs down.
  • The solution is scaleable from a departmental solution to the entire business domain on the same basic software platform.

For the short term, I am placing OmniFind on the long list of products to consider for enterprise search. Check out the Web site at:

How smart is it that IBM and Yahoo have chosen to team in this way? It could be a great strategy.
Disclaimer: This is the first product mention in this very new blog. It won’t be the last; I have a lot of interesting products on my list on which to comment. There will be much backfilling in the next few months but I have to start somewhere. The marketing message resonated; I hope OmniFind users will keep us informed by posting case experiences on whether the product delivers on the promises.