The Gilbane Group announced today that they have launched a new research and consulting practice covering Enterprise Search technologies and applications. The new practice is lead by industry veteran and expert Lynda Moulton. The new practice complements existing Gilbane Group consulting services that cover a broad range of content technologies, as well as the Gilbane Group’s Publishing Technology and Strategy consulting practice. While the Gilbane Group has covered enterprise search technologies since 1993, today’s demand from a broad range of organizations for solid information and guidance needs to be met with a highly focused dedicated effort. The Enterprise Search practice is supported by a new blog devoted to the topic as well as the Enterprise Search track at Gilbane conferences. The Enterprise Search blog went live on January 1 with an introductory entry by Lead Analyst Lynda Moulton. See all Lynda’s posts here. Lynda’s posts as well as other posts and news on the topic can be found under our Enterprise Search & search technology category.