Atlassian Software Systems announced the availability of the newest version of Confluence, the enterprise wiki. Confluence 2.3 offers users an optional clustered configuration, Confluence Massive, that provides unlimited scalability, together with exceptional performance and reliability, for large deployments of the wiki. Confluence Massive provide the performance required for organisations with tens of thousands of users, or for those businesses with mission-critical applications that require high availability. Confluence 2.3 contains dozens of other new features and improvements, including a People Directory, which allows users to easily find other Confluence users’ profiles and personal spaces; an activity-tracking plugin that generates statistics on application usage; and a WebDAV client plugin. Atlassian selected Tangosol and their Coherence product to deliver the clustering capabilities of Confluence Massive. Confluence 2.3 is available for evaluation and purchase. Release notes, pricing and licensing information are also available online.