Leonor is quoted extensively in “The Rocket Science of Technology Procurement,” a piece on fallout from a recent bid process at NASA. Leonor addresses a few of the larger issues associated with acquisition, such as the trade-off between going with existing solutions versus introducing new technology. On the one hand, incumbents have established relationships and “processes [that are] deeply entrenched in a buyer’s infrastructure.” On the other hand, alternative solutions can bring new and different capabilities that enable true innovation in addition to improved efficiencies.
Leonor also points out that while choices may be made jointly by business and IT, the two groups are not always in agreement. A timely observation, as more and more suppliers of content technologies add new features that make it possible for business users to bypass IT and control content themselves.
Strategies for dealing effectively with the tensions surrounding technology acquisition will be one of the topics that we’ll cover during the analyst debate on Wed, Nov 29, at Gilbane Boston 2006. Add a comment to this entry with acquisition issues you’d like our panel of experts to address, or send mail to mary@gilbane.com.