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Content Management 2.0

Well, it is a provocative and interesting way to launch a discussion about the changes in the CM market.
Dan Farber reports from DEMO on new products that some might consider Content Management 2.0, and why, from Koral, System One, Serebrum and MindTouch.

For a veteran’s point of view see John Newton’s post on CM 2.0 over on the Content Technology CTO Blog.


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  1. Tim Barker

    Thanks for the mention Frank.
    fyi – although Koral is a new company, both founders (myself and Mark Suster) are pretty experienced in this space.
    As a veteran (15 years) in the Content Management space I previously co-founded a company with John Newton and worked with him at Documentum. Small world, eh?
    Mark founded BuildOnline in 1999 (which has around 45K users today) and has probably more experience than anyone on how to build and deliver On-Demand Content and Collaboration Services.
    We’d love to talk to you more about this if you’re interested.

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