CambridgeDocs announced xDoc Server Version 2.02, and with it the ability to publish Microsoft Word .DOC files to PDF in a cross-platform environment. The Java-based xDoc Server can be called from any J2EE application server, including the popular platforms IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic and Apache Tomcat. Organizations can now process and publish high volumes of Microsoft Word content on Windows, Linux and Solaris serves – free of the licensing and performance issues related to installing Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat or Distiller on a server. This links business users’ preferences for Microsoft Word into IT departments who are consolidating servers and implementing applications ranging from contract generation to custom publishing. Previous generations of PDF publishing have relied on direct “print-stream” approaches, which rely on the original desktop applications “print to” a PDF format. By using Java and XML, the multi-threaded xDoc Server can also merge individual Word files, add data from databases into document “templates”, and publish as XML, HTML, or Microsoft RTF. A benefit of using XML as the file format transformation medium for xDoc Server is it helps companies in maintain corporate branding for document “templates” for policies, applications or contracts that are created in Microsoft Word, and that then require database information to be merged into these “templates” as part of a multi-threaded J2EE application. In these scenarios, the documents can be concatenated or merged together as necessary before being published to PDF and thereby retain their corporate “look and feel”.