Mondosoft announced the availability of Mondosoft Integration Services, a new toolkit allowing Mondosoft partners to add search and search analytics capabilities and build customized applications. Mondosoft Integration Services is a Web Service that provides a new point of entry to Mondosoft’s product suite. It enables a licensee to tap into search data and analytics functionality without being limited by a pre-defined user interface, as it decouples the search engine from its out-of-the-box presentation. For developers, Mondosoft Integration Services liberates data and allows search functionality to be integrated into knowledge management applications. Mondosoft Integration Services enables Mondosoft technology partners and system integrators to integrate MondoSearch, InformationManager and BehaviorTracking with CMS solutions like Sitecore and EPiServer and other applications such as Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server. The new development toolset controls crawling and indexing from within third-party applications. The Mondosoft approach permits seamless access to Microsoft XP, Advanced Server, and Vista functions and enables a partner or licensee to extend the reach of the search system and its analytics components into AJAX interfaces. The Mondosoft implementation extends the functionality to other operating systems and content management systems, including those running on UNIX and Linux.