Hot Banana Software Inc. announced the availability of Hot Banana Version 5.4. The upgrade is focused on new Web Content Management functionality and the further integration of multiple eMarketing modules to help give marketing users a single platform from which to manage their Web site content and eMarketing campaigns. Administrators can now assign and manage tasks to groups of users to specific sections of the Web site, and the workflow can now be configured and managed more closely to the organizations’ business processes. Agencies and organizations managing multiple Web sites are able to apply and manage multiple design templates across multiple Web properties. The Digital Asset Manager can be opened in either a file or thumbnail viewer, this combined with enhanced file folder and sub-directory management of digital assets now offers a more simplistic Digital Asset Management process for non-technical users. Additionally, multiple assets can be mass uploaded and advanced search can be conducted on all assets. All aspects of Landing Page creation and management are now looked after by Hot Banana. Landing Pages have built-in lead tracking from multiple lead sources (search engines, affiliates, email campaigns etc.), A/B testing with click and conversion stats, multi-step form builder for conversion best practices, Web analytics, scenarios, report integration, and design template management. eMarketing campaigns can now capture Landing Page form data and passing it directly into Data from multiple sources can be passed directly to a Web page to auto-populate and personalize Landing Page forms so personal information can be delivered to unique Web page visitors. Hot Banana now has a complete event registration process available. The event management process includes, custom event landing page, multi-step registration form builder, email confirmation, registrant database, attendee name labels, email event reminders, billing, invoicing, and management reporting. Hot Banana Version 5.4 is available immediately as licensed software, or as a Service (SaaS) solution.