Lumen Software announced the release of their Lumenation v6.0 Portal with unlimited User Licensing. The Portal can be downloaded from the company’s website. Organizations can immediately begin providing key information to users appropriately based upon who the user is and what role they play in the organization regardless of the underlying OS (Microsoft, Mac, Linux, Unix). The Lumenation Portal is web based, allowing secure access from any computer with Internet access and a browser (Mozilla, Firefox, Microsoft IE, etc.). Users have access to manuals, tutorials and Forums directly from the Lumenation users support Portal designed to allow organizations to setup and administer the Portal minimizing implementation and operational costs. Lumen Software also offers a full range of services including complete turn key implementation or just fulfilling specific parts of the deployment process such as data integration. The Lumenation v6.0 Portal “knows” who a user is, what applications they have access to, what content they may access within an application, what files, even the users language. The system is also LDAP compliant, allowing the integration of directory services to authenticate and provision users. If you do not have a directory service, Lumenation inherently provides all the necessary user management tools. Organizations are able to create multiple Portals on one server, or different servers to communicate to specific groups, locations and departments.