Coveo Solutions Inc. announced general availability of Coveo Enterprise Search (CES) 4.0 for secure, unified search across all documents and multimedia content located in file systems, databases, enterprise applications, email servers, intranets and Web sites. Coveo Enterprise Search for SharePoint (CESS) 4.0, a version seamlessly integrated with Microsoft SharePoint is also available. CESS 4.0 allows SharePoint customers to securely find information inside of SharePoint, as well as content in repositories in the corporate network. This latest version of Coveo’s search solution offers new capabilities including: Improved user interface supporting faceted search, saved queries and an interface editor; The ability to securely search across Lotus Notes, Novell Netware, sound, image, and video files; An open crawler API to index virtually any data source; The ability to scale to more than 100 million documents with load-balancing and distributed indexing across multiple servers; Personalized rating that enhances relevancy via user behavior tracking; Collaborative ranking that enhances relevancy by applying personalized rating through groups of related individuals; Chinese (traditional and simplified), Japanese and Korean language support; Richer real-time analysis and comprehensive reporting for administrators; and 10-25% faster query and indexing performance over the previous release. Coveo Enterprise Search 4.0 installs with “out-of-the box” document level security, and delivers transparent integration with permissions on Windows file system, SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange.