There are hundreds of vendors that claim to have the answer to today’s content management challenge. Now it is your opportunity as an end user to attend, for free, CMS Idol. Have your opinion count as you vote for the content management solution you think is most innovative. CMS Idol is taking place at the Palace Hotel on April 25th at the upcoming Gilbane Conference on Content Management Technologies San Francisco. Not only is CMS Idol free to attend but attendees can visit with over 50 vendors showcasing their latest content management solutions. Vendors registered to participate in CMS Idol include: Hot Banana Software, Interwoven, Paperthin, Refresh Software, and Vasont. Round I – 3:45pm: Help crown the “2006 CMS Idol” in a fast-paced, entertaining set of competitive demos. CMS vendors will present 6-minute demos showing the best features of their systems. An expert panel of judges will offer pithy commentary, but the best part is: you vote for the winner! The top 3 finalists will face off in Round 2 during the reception. Round II – 5:30pm – “The Finals”: Help crown the “2006 CMS Idol” in a fast-paced, entertaining set of competitive demos. Three vendor finalists will present 8-minute demos showing something special about their solution. An expert panel of judges will liven up the show, but it is you the attendee who votes for the winner! The winner will be announced and officially crowned during the reception. Visit with vendors in the exhibit hall before or after CMS Idol. The exhibit hall is open April 25-26. Hours to meet with exhibitors each day are: 10-11am, noon-2pm, and 5-7pm. For conference details, visit: . To register, visit: