CM4all announced the release of WebDrive, a new ASP Web storage solution aimed at Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Web hosts, telcos, and cable providers who want to serve the market in online file storage space. The WebDrive application is currently available for licensing, customization, and installation in data centers beginning today. CM4all’s WebDrive application offers storage of files in their data center via an Web browser interface. CM4all WebDrive functions as a file manager, viewer, and a sharing application with data center levels of file protection, all of which can be controlled and managed on any computer or device with Internet access. CM4all’s technology is based on a high-speed XML application server and is operated on an ASP model. The company’s core product is the homepage tool kit CM4all WebsiteCreator, which is adapted for and licensed to individual OEM partners and is available in 11 different languages.