Axaio Software, Callas software’s sister company unveiled MadeToCompare, a new solution for the collation and comparison of texts and
versions in Adobe InCopy CS and CS2. The product is intended in particular to be integrated with Adobe InCopy-based editing systems such as Softcare K4. The Plug-In analyzes different versions of open InCopy documents and then presents all text-related discrepancies in a dynamically-generated HTML document. MadeToCompare identifies words which are missing or have been changed, spaces which have been added or deleted, or paragraphs and line breaks which have been displaced. The results from the searched documents are contrasted using the browser, and all differences are pinpointed with the help of punctuation marks. MadeToCompare lends itself to integration with InDesign and InCopy-based editing systems; a connection to Softcare K4 has already been developed; versions for other editorial systems will be available shortly. The Plug-In runs both on Mac OS X and Windows 2000/XP. A single-user license costs 990 EURO. Demo versions can be
downloaded for free at