ABREVITY, Inc. announced availability of its FileData Classifier Information Value Management (IVM) solution. At $1497 for the first three terabytes and $995 per terabyte thereafter, FileData Classifier is a solution in the Information Classification and Management (ICM) space suitable for Small to Medium Businesses (SMB) or Small to Medium Enterprises (SME). Leveraging ABREVITY’s SLICEbase metadata database engine, FileData Classifier is not built on or require the use of a relational database. This provides for a rich feature set that includes user-selectable metadata parsing, Boolean file query (search) and ABREVITY’s exclusive Drag2Tag file tagging for data classification. The later feature allows users to query based on granular file attributes, such as specific file or directory words combined with file types, dates, creators, etc., and then simply drag selected files into one or more category “tags” such as Critical, Compliant, Legal, Tier One, etc. New categories and tags can be created. An upgrade option “sees inside” common file types such as Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF files, and extracts parsed file content such as social security numbers, etc. FileData Classifier software runs on standard Windows PCs or severs and supports Windows (CIFS) network or desktop storage systems. The software manages up three terabytes of data per single dataset. Users can also upgrade to ABREVITY’s FileData Manager software which offers features such as UNIX (NFS) scanning, more than three terabytes of federated data management and file content extraction for laboratory instrument files, 200+ common file types or email.