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Day: April 20, 2006

Adobe Acquires Trade and Technologies France

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) announced it has acquired Trade and Technologies France (TTF), makers of computer-aided design (CAD) data interoperability software. The acquisition will help build on the existing 3D visualization and collaboration capabilities of Adobe software and solutions for the manufacturing industry and other markets. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. TTF is a privately held company headquartered near Lyon, France. Along with the industry expertise of its staff, TTF’s technology includes CAD software interoperability translators and software libraries for high-end 3D visualization.

Late Breaking Updates for Gilbane San Francisco

Here is a quick update on next week’s event:

New Sponsors & Exhibitors
Adobe has joined us as a Gold sponsor – their Enterprise Solutions and Developer Group in particular. See announcements on some of the new products and features to be shown from our 50+ exhibitors.

New Debates
In addition to our popular analyst session, two analysts will face-off on 7 topics they disagree on in Content Technologies: A Town Hall Debate. And of course, don’t forget CMS Idol.

Keynote Survey
The early results from our survey on questions to ask the keynote panel show the topics attendees are most interested in are, in order:

  • (78%) What are the top 3 technologies that must be considered in any content management strategies in the next 12-24 months?
  • (60%) Are there any breakthrough classification or metadata tagging technologies on the horizon that you should be watching for?
  • (57%) How will content management lite offerings from Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM affect the content management market?
  • (55%) How is widespread adoption of RSS/Atom going to affect content delivery? And what does this mean to enterprise content management or publishing strategies?
  • (55%) What new publishing technologies should we expect to see in the next 12-18 months? Will they make it easier to incorporate better design elements to improve customer facing applications?
  • (55%) Is there any real breakthrough search technology search on the horizon that you should consider for your intranet or extranet applications?
  • (49%) How will Blog and Wiki tools be used in enterprise content applications? How are they being used today?
  • (49%) Are there authoring tools on the horizon that are both user-friendly and capable of authoring for both electronic and print output?

UPDATE: You can see partial final results of the responses to all the questions here, and contribute to the survey here.

Content Globalization
Also, the top write-in question topic so far is on globalization and content management. This is a hot topic at the event – there are multiple sessions covering it, and many vendors showing related products and services – some of them have even put together a Content Globalization Pavilion.

We have over 100 expert speakers covering these and other topics. Conference program .

And don’t forget to look into the Content Management Professionals Association Spring Summit

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