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Day: April 18, 2006

Free Enterprise Portal Released for Microsoft, Novell, Redhat, and Other Linux Distributions

Lumen Software announced the release of their Lumenation v6.0 Portal with unlimited User Licensing. The Portal can be downloaded from the company’s website. Organizations can immediately begin providing key information to users appropriately based upon who the user is and what role they play in the organization regardless of the underlying OS (Microsoft, Mac, Linux, Unix). The Lumenation Portal is web based, allowing secure access from any computer with Internet access and a browser (Mozilla, Firefox, Microsoft IE, etc.). Users have access to manuals, tutorials and Forums directly from the Lumenation users support Portal designed to allow organizations to setup and administer the Portal minimizing implementation and operational costs. Lumen Software also offers a full range of services including complete turn key implementation or just fulfilling specific parts of the deployment process such as data integration. The Lumenation v6.0 Portal “knows” who a user is, what applications they have access to, what content they may access within an application, what files, even the users language. The system is also LDAP compliant, allowing the integration of directory services to authenticate and provision users. If you do not have a directory service, Lumenation inherently provides all the necessary user management tools. Organizations are able to create multiple Portals on one server, or different servers to communicate to specific groups, locations and departments.

Mondosoft Introduces New Web Services Development Tool

Mondosoft announced the availability of Mondosoft Integration Services, a new toolkit allowing Mondosoft partners to add search and search analytics capabilities and build customized applications. Mondosoft Integration Services is a Web Service that provides a new point of entry to Mondosoft’s product suite. It enables a licensee to tap into search data and analytics functionality without being limited by a pre-defined user interface, as it decouples the search engine from its out-of-the-box presentation. For developers, Mondosoft Integration Services liberates data and allows search functionality to be integrated into knowledge management applications. Mondosoft Integration Services enables Mondosoft technology partners and system integrators to integrate MondoSearch, InformationManager and BehaviorTracking with CMS solutions like Sitecore and EPiServer and other applications such as Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server. The new development toolset controls crawling and indexing from within third-party applications. The Mondosoft approach permits seamless access to Microsoft XP, Advanced Server, and Vista functions and enables a partner or licensee to extend the reach of the search system and its analytics components into AJAX interfaces. The Mondosoft implementation extends the functionality to other operating systems and content management systems, including those running on UNIX and Linux.

Google Announcs new Search Appliance, with Google OneBox for Enterprise

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) announced the new Google Search Appliance, featuring Google OneBox for Enterprise, developed in partnership with enterprise applications vendors. Google OneBox for Enterprise, one of many new features of the Google Search Appliance, gives corporations secure access to information in any application in the enterprise from the convenience of the Google search box. “OneBox” refers to the process of typing a query into for specific category information, such as airline flight times, local weather, or stock prices. With Google OneBox for Enterprise, corporate information, such as contact and calendar info, HR benefits, sales leads, or purchase order status, is now instantly searchable through a Google search box as part of the Google Search Appliance. Google OneBox for Enterprise functionality was developed by Google working with content in repositories from Cisco, Cognos, Employease, NetSuite, Oracle,, and SAS. Google is also announcing the Google Enterprise Developer program, a community site where developers can get access to Google Enterprise SDKs, documentation, and post their work for sharing with other customers, partners, and developers. The new Google Search Appliance includes additional new features: Native File System crawler reaches all content in Windows-based file systems (more than 220 file types such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, PDF, etc.); Expanded enterprise security and authentication, including LDAP and standard SAML interfaces; Enhanced search relevancy through context-sensitive stemming and synonyms, learned from billions of searches on; New index of external metadata repositories in document and content management systems; Up to 25 queries per second on one server (500 percent increase); and up to 3 million documents on a single server (100 percent increase). These features, including Google OneBox for Enterprise, are available as part of the new Google Search Appliance or as free upgrades to current version 4 customers.

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