ZyLAB announced the immediate availability of the ZyIMAGE eDiscovery Suite for Federal Government. An integrated document, content and records management solution, ZyIMAGE eDiscovery enables government organizations to capture, investigate, structure and disclose information in a simple, secure and efficient manner. The ZyIMAGE eDiscovery suite is built on an XML data repository and provides users with investigative tools to store, search and retrieve vital information through a standard Internet browser. All unstructured data is stored in the XML data repository, and integrated functionalities enable users to capture and add new data, analyze and collaborate on the data, and retrieve and share this data. Because of its modular structure, the ZyIMAGE eDiscovery suite is scalable and provides a solution to address the requirements of both departmental and enterprise-wide organizations. The key motivation for users engaged in eDiscovery is not to miss any archived e-mail, document, or electronic file that may have relevance to a particular FOIA request or investigative activity. Therefore, eDiscovery searching must concentrate 100 percent on recall rather than on precision. The ZyIMAGE eDiscovery suite empowers users to find the information they are looking for quickly in any format and in most languages. The ZyIMAGE redaction tools offer a full range of features, including redaction on scanned images as well as click-and-drag capabilities, multi-color redaction, synonym redactions, version control, and more. Redactions can be tagged with additional key field information, which can contain data and time stamps, exemption rules, comments or applicable legal rules, redaction creators, and additional user-defined key fields. http://www.zylab.com