Stellent, Inc’s. (Nasdaq:STEL) Content Components Division announced the release of Stellent Outside In Technology version 8.1. Stellent Outside In Technology enhances software applications such as enterprise content management, search, email management, security, compliance, data forensics, litigation support, e-discovery and portals. These companies use the Outside In software development kits (SDKs) to identify files, extract text and metadata, provide a high-fidelity view of file contents, and convert files into any one of 11 output formats without reliance on native applications. Outside In Version 8.1 is a new release of the entire suite of Outside In products: Outside In File ID, Outside In Viewer Technology, Outside In Content Access, Outside In Search Export, Outside In HTML Export, Outside In XML Export, Outside In Image Export and Outside In Transformation Server. The new release features performance improvements, new and enhanced file format support, and support for the latest operating system versions. Additionally, it leverages the interoperability between the products to enable programmatic annotation of converted output. Stellent Outside In version 8.1 includes a new SDK, Outside In File ID, which identifies file types without using file extensions or mime types. Version 8.1 of Stellent Outside In Technology supports four new formats, adds support for new versions of nine additional formats and offers enhancements to filters supporting 30 formats. With this release, Outside In Technology now supports more than 390 file formats. All supported operating systems have been updated to the latest versions, and Outside In Content Access has been ported to FreeBSD.