Managing Editor Inc. (MEI) announced the immediate availability of K4 Publishing System version 5.6. The latest version of this editorial system accelerates the production process for publishing workflows using Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy by adding built-in integration with Adobe InDesign Server. The release also improves interoperability with other systems and incorporates new features. With its multilevel security controls and customization options, K4 supports a transparent and fast production workflow for individual workgroups or entire publishing enterprises. InDesign Server integration provides K4 5.6 with a layout rendering engine that speeds up the process of checking in items and enables the system to offer PDF previews of every page for saving, commenting and printing. Every standard K4 Publishing System comes bundled with Adobe InDesign Server CS2, designed specifically to enable tasks like background generation of page proofs for viewing over the Web. Customizable change controls allow administrators to disable editing functions in InDesign or InCopy by category of user. This new feature prevents for accidental document modifications or user errors. K4 also features an optional new Revision Manager plug-in to allow users to compare the differences between versions of InCopy files and easily keep track of revisions. K4 DropFolders offers automated batch check-in of images, ads, text files or any other type of content and metadata into K4 from pre-defined directories that can be fed from an asset management system or content repository. K4’s new Caption&Credit feature can capture caption and credit information for images as metadata, logically link this data to the image on the InDesign page, and dynamically create caption and credit frames on the page based on publication-defined parameters. All information is automatically adjusted if the image frame is moved or resized, speeding page layout and reducing errors. After an issue is closed out, a list of placed images, with their caption and credit metadata, can be exported for statistical purposes. K4 5.6 also includes updated K4 XML-Exporter version 1.2, which can automatically provide publication data as XML to feed archiving and Web publishing solutions and generate all the metadata on images, text and other objects in the issue. K4 version 5.6 and XML-Exporter version 1.2 are available from MEI and its distribution partners. All K4 customers are eligible to receive a free upgrade to version 5.6 and can purchase or upgrade XML-Exporter version 1.2 as an option.