Inxight Software announced the general availability of Inxight ThingFinder SDK 4.0 and Inxight ThingFinder Professional SDK 4.0. The Inxight ThingFinder Software Development Kit (SDK) provides text analysis technology that automatically identifies and extracts key entities from any text data source, in multiple languages. Out of the box, Inxight ThingFinder automatically identifies and extracts more than 35 key entities, the who, what, when and how, such as people, dates, places, companies, email addresses, geocoordinates, facilities, etc. Using ThingFinder, developers can maximize and extend the value of their applications by enabling end-users to find important pieces of information within large volumes of documents. The new ThingFinder SDK 4.0 offers a new Java Native Interface and pronoun co-reference resolution, as well as improved processing speed. Enhancements in the expressive power and usability of the rule writing language put language-aware tools into application designers’ hands. A complete linguistic parse is available to create accurate patterns. ThingFinder can be integrated into applications that processes textual information, enabling users to create relevant, meaningful structured data from unstructured text. The Inxight ThingFinder 4.0 and ThingFinder Professional 4.0 SDKs are generally available now.